Heritage Cookbook: 100 Years of Home Cooking: Catholic Diocese of Bismarck, 1910 – 2010

A two-volume set of recipes by men and women of the Diocese of Bismarck
Diocese of Bismarck, Bismarck, North Dakota, 2010, Volume 1 (355 pages), Volume 2 (423 pages), softcover.

This outstanding two-volume cookbook includes a section of Ethnic recipes for pages 343-423 in Volume 2: Beignet (New Orleans Style), Beppar Kaka, Bladginda, Pumpkin Blachinda, Bohemaian Braid/Sweet Bread, Bohemian Nut Roll, Borscht, Bumbuska, Buremishes, Hollubts, Toeloett Kapoezesta (Pigs In Blanket), Krautwickel (Pigs In The Blanket), Sweet Cabbage & Potatoes, Cheese Buttons, Cheese Button Casserole, American Style Kase Niphla, Kase Knoephle, Cottage Cheese Dumplings, Lasagna Cheese Buttons, Chilequiles Casserole, Dumphnoodla, Dumpf Noodle, Egg Soup, Baska (Easter Bread), Fleisch Kuckla, German Dish, Grandms’s Hungarian Potato & Noodle Soup, Grandma Abraham’s Pickled Pig’s Feet, Gopper Sose (Dill Gravy), Greek Mostaccioli, Jambalya, Kafferbrod Tea Ring, Kneaphla Soup, Knoeple Potato Ham Dish, Crock Pot Knefla Hot Dish, Kholodnid (Cold Beet soup), Kifilda Grumbara (Stuffed Potatoes), Kolaches/Rohlicky, Bohemian Kolaches, Krum Kaka, Kuba (Pearl Barley Hotdish), Kuchen, Kuchen Bars, Lefse, Old Fashioned Potato Noodles, Paella, German-Hungarian Paprikash Soup, Pfeffernusse, Polish Pierogies – Little Pies, Rahm Nudel, Rivella Soup (Louise Kirschenheiter), Microwave Rommegrot, Rosettes, German Sausage Patties, Summer Sausage, Schaum Torte, Schlitz Kuehla, Schmierkase, Schmora, Schoofnudla, Mom’s Shoop Noodles, Slitek, Sopaipillas, Strudel, Flora Boehm’s Hungarian Strudle, Tatianna’s Arepas (Corn Cakes), and Tostado Casserole.

Heritage Cookbook: 100 Years of Home Cooking: Catholic Diocese of Bismarck, 1910 - 2010

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