Holy Cross & Friends Cookbook: Timber Lake, SD Centennial, 2010

Holy Cross Catholic Church, Timber Lake, South Dakota, 2009, 345 pages, Hardcover.

The Timber Lake area has many families with Catholic Black Sea German heritage with ancestry to the Kutschurgan District villages today near Odessa, Ukraine.

Recipes include: Braunschweiger Dip, Chicken Noodle Soup, Ham, Potato and Cabbage Soup, Cream Soup Base, Knoepfla Soup various recipes, Grandma's Baked Cabbage, Saurerkraut Hot Dish, Lazy's Man's Cheese Buttons, German Potatoes, German Potato Pancakes, Homemade Butter Noodles, Pigs in the Blanket, German Meat Roll, Fleisch Kuechle, Chicken and Noodle Casserole, Kolachy, German Blachenda, Granny Buddie's Berishki, German Apple Pancakes, Blitz Pancakes, One Pan Kuchen Bars, Easy Kuchen, Kuchen, Black Forest Cake, Poor Man's German Chocolate Cake, Apple Dumplings, Struseled Apples, Pumpkin Blidchinda, Plachinda, German Chocolate Cookies and Kuchen Bars.

Family names who contributed to this cookbook include: Aberle, Bader, Biegler, Boehm, Dahlke, Fiddler, Fritz, Goldade, Gross, Herman, Hoffman, Holzer, Hulm, Keller, Kraft, Kuhn, Leibel, Lindeman, Lipp, Maher, Malm, Meier, Reickman, Reinbold, Rieckman, Salzer, Schell, Scherer, Schlosser, Schmidt, Schott, Schumacker, Schweitzer, Seiler, Senger, Silbernagel and Voller. The cookbook includes an Index of Recipes and an Index of Contributors.

Holy Cross & Friends Cookbook

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