Pots of Gold from Hutterian Kitchens

Forest River Hutterian Brethren, 109 pages, Softcover.

Their heritage, as Hutterites, originates as an Anabaptist Protestant sect from Europe's 16th Century Reformation movement. Since immigrating to North America in 1874, over 300 colonies have been established in north central United States and southwestern Canada. With each colony averaging one hundred-fifty persons, their community kitchen and dining hall serve three daily meals.

Many recipes will be recognized as survivals of traditional German foodways, originating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Readers are advised that recipe proportions are intended for large feedings of 70 to 130 people per meal.

"Appetizers, Relishes and Pickles," features dill pickles, freezer pickles, pickled cantaloupe and mustard beans. "Soups, Salads and Sauces," includes homemade soup, potato soup, cabbage Borscht, beet Borscht, carrot soup and sauerkraut relish. "Main Dishes," (casseroles) includes potato pancakes, and Shooten Kroffeln (cottage cheese perogies), cheese souffle and "Fleisch Krofeln."

"Breads, Rolls and Pastry" includes Maul Toschen, dumplings, noodles, herb batter bread, cottage cheese pie, coconut tarts, poppy seed buns and Easter bread. "Cakes, Cookies and Confections" presents recipes for molasses cookies, carrot cake and poppy seed bake. "Desserts" describes dough and apple dumplings, old-fashioned rice pudding and dream bars. "Beverages and Sandwiches and Miscellaneous" shares recipes of home processed cheese, sauer fleisch, rhubarb juice, oven cleaner and soap.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to offer this unique recipe book sharing the foodways culture of the Hutterite community from the northern plains and prairies of Canada and the United States.

Pots of Gold from Hutterian Kitchens

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