The Hutterite Community Cookbook

Third Expanded Edition

By Samuel Hofer

Hofer Publications, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1992, 176 pages, Softcover.

The Hutterite Community Cookbook includes both history and cookery. Since the first edition of The Hutterite Treasury of Recipes was published in 1986, this best-selling cookbook has been reprinted more than thirty times. In this expanded edition, the author has once again included a section that deals with the lifestyle and history of the Hutterites.

The history section includes: Introducing the Hutterites, History, Language, Life in the Colony, and Hutterite Food and Traditions. There is an excellent bibliography of sources and an index.

Here you will find authentic mouth-watering dishes, soups and borscht, desserts, pies, cookies, and more from one of North America's traditional communal groups. Each recipe has been adapted for use in average-sized households so you can enjoy the basic and robust cuisine that has been tradition in Hutterite dining halls for many generations. Each recipe is easy to follow and requires mostly common affordable ingredients.

Sample recipes includes: Apple Stritzel, Pfeffernussen, Lebkuchen, Kroffeln, Dampfleish, sauerkraut with meat, Knädle, Maul Toschen, chicken dumplings, cabbage rolls, Gritz soup, Kasha (potato soup), Kattufel Suppen (potato soup), Borscht, Pfannkuchen, Gripen Fleck (crackling bread), Saskatoon berry cheesecake, and many other recipes.

The Hutterite Community Cookbook

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