A Learning Experience

By Nicole Hvidsten

Star Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Front Burner Section, July 11, 2002, Page T3

Research certainly pays off. North Dakota native Rose Marie Gueldner spent five years doing her homework for "German Food and Folkways," a no-frills cookbook filled with recipes and history. Gueldner traveled to German-Russian communities, interviewed descendants and visited ethnic celebrations to gather recipes and information for the 224-page book, now in its fourth printing. The chapters are organized and easy to read, especially with the book's large size and type. Recipes range from kraut stampfus (mashed potatoes and cabbage) to strudels and everything in between. If you're of the waste-not, want-not mentality, this book's for you. It has recipes from pig's ears, brains and the like, recipes that probably were in my dear German grandmother's arsenal, but ones I prefer to skip right over. But spaetzle and studel? Now we're talking.

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