“What’s Cooking?”

Prepared by Wishek Jayceettes: Wishek, North Dakota, 1979, 180 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to announce the reprinting of “What’s Cooking?” compiled by the Wishek Jayceettes in 1979, Wishek, ND. Wishek is located in the heartland of German-Russian settlements.

The following recipes appear throughout the cookbook: Anise Cookies, Cheese Buttons, Dumplings, Fause Wacht Keuchla, Fleish Keuchla, German Apple Cake, Kase Ham Potato Blachinda, Keaphlas, Knipfla Soup, Knipfle, Kraut Strudeles, Kuchen (Various Recipes), Onion and Dumpling Soup, Pfeffernuesse, Pumpkin Blachenta, Pumpkin Blachinda, Sauerkraut Bundles, and Sauerkraut Salad, Strudles.

The section entitled “Foreign Dishes” on pages 53-62 will be of great interest to readers. Additional sections of the cookbook include Salads and Salad Dressings; Vegetables; Meats and Casseroles; Breads, Rolls and Pastries; Pies and Desserts; Cakes and Frostings; Cookies and Bars; Candies; and Miscellaneous.

German-Russian family names contributing recipes for the cookbook include Bader, Bauer, Becker, Boschee, Brandner, Dalke, Dewald, Deyle, Diede, Diegel, Dockter, Dohn, Fandrich, Fettig, Fiest, Fischer, Frank, Glas, Gutschmidt, Hauck, Henke, Herr, Heupel, Heyne, Hochhalter, Hoffman, Janke, Just, Kaseman, Kautz, Keller, Kienzle, Kocher, Klein, Kosanke, Kraft, Kramer, Krein, Krueger, Lacher, Maier, Martell, Mehlhaff, Meidinger, Miller, Moser, Nagel, Raile, Rieger, Ritter, Rohweder, Ruff, Sayler, Schauer, Schlecht, Schlenz, Schnabel, Thurn, Tuchscher, Ulrich, Vetter, Vilhauer, Volk, Wangler, Wanner, Wald, Weisser, Welk, Wiest, Woehl, Wolf, and Zimmerman.

“What’s Cooking?”

Book is out-of-print (not available)

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