The Hutterite Community Cookbook

By Joanita Kant

Good Books, Intercourse, Pennsylvania, 1990, 224 pages, softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this well known ethnic cookbook. The book includes a section of "Introducing the Hutterite" - History, Hutterite Beliefs, Colony Life, Leadership, Education, Baptism and Marriage, and The Hutterite Food Tradition.

The collection of recipes is base upon the main cookbook, as well as the canning cookbook, used today in the Sunset Colony located in eastern South Dakota. This community of Schmiedeleut Hutterites is descended from the first and largest group of Hutterites to arrived in North America from Russia.

On the back cover of the book reads: "This collection contains the current cuisine of one of North America's traditional communal groups. Many of the recipes have been handed down for generations."

"Food preparation is serious business in a Hutterite colony. Some 85 to 100 people, hard-working adults as well as active children, come to the communal dining room for three meals each day. While their principle of simplicity influences them to create basic and robust dishes, the Hutterites fill their tables plentifully and then enjoy what they eat."

"Here are original recipes in large quantities from Hutterite dining halls, printed next to adaptations of each recipe for average-sized households. Included also are weekly menus, menus for special occasions, notes on the role of food among the Hutterites and a brief introduction to these unusual communities."

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Review by Marion Mertz

The Hutterite Community Cookbook

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