Bessarabische Spezialitäten: aus der Siedlungszeit der Kolonisten am Schwarzen Meer, 1814 -1940
Bessarabian Food Specialties: From the Settlement Period of the German Colonies in the Black Sea Region, 1814-1940

By Gertrud Knopp-Rüb

Published by the Landsmannschaft der Bessarabiendeutschen,
Stuttgart, Germany, 1999, 82 pages, softcover, German text with English translation

Translation of this cookbook to the English language by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado; editing by Janice Huber Stangl, Sterling, Virginia; design and desk-top publishing by Kristi Krebs Brink, Archives Assistant, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries, Fargo, ND

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to announce availability of this excellent Bessarabian German cookbook. The cookbook is available for the 50th anniversary of the Backnang chapter of the Landsmannschaft der Bessarabiendeutschen. Bessarabian recipes have been an expression of Bessarabian identity and culture. The specialties are not difficult but rather simple as the country and its people. Gertrude Knopp-Rüb explains how and when these meals were cooked.

The recipes in this popular Bessarabian German cookbook have been translated from German to English by Alex Herzog, Boulder, Colorado. Editing of the English translation was completed by Janice Huber Stangl, Sterling, Virginia. Our appreciation is extended to Alex Herzog and Janice Huber Stangl for translation and editing of this publication.

This English translation is a printed supplement to Bessarabische Spezialitäten published with color pages. This supplement is only available when purchasing the German cookbook.

You will find recipes ranging from Krautborscht, Riebelessuppe, Weiße Bohnensuppe, Kartoffelsalat, Kaladez, Dampfnudeln, Knöpfle, Käsknöpfle, and Strudla. One finds pickled tomatoes, polenta, stuffed peppers, Holubzi, Knoepfle to Platschinten, Honiglebkuchen, "Raupen" even Nußschnaps. Appetizing color pictures tempt you.

The recipes from the old homeland, Bessarabia, are the result of several cooking courses which Adolf Buchfink initiated for the younger generation.

A brief history about Bessarabia completes this delightful cookbook.

Knöpfle Käsknöpfle

Bessarabische Spezialitäten

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