Favorite Recipes: Lehr Thimble Bee

Lehr Thimbe Bee, Lehr, North Dakota, 1973, 252 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection (GRHC) is pleased to announce Favorite Recipes: Lehr Thimble Bee as an addition to the cookbook collection. This cookbook was published in 1973 by the Lehr Thimble Bee, Lehr, ND and is now available for sale through the GRHC. This cookbook contains several German-Russian recipes from a community with a large Germans from Russia ethnic population.

German-Russian recipes in this cookbook include: Cheese Buttons (Kase Knephla), Coconut Peach Kuchen, Dressing for Kuchen, Kuchen, German Coffee Cake, Fleisch Kuchla, Fleisch Kuechla, Fleishe Kuchla, German Potato Salad, German Stollen, Hallupsi, Kraut Salad, Peffernusa, Peppernuts Cookies, Pfefferneusse, Plachenden, Russian Beet Soup, Russian Dill Pickles, Sauerkraut Salad, Schlitz Kuechle, and Strudel Dough.

The cookbook contains the following sections: Appetizers and Pickles; Breads; Salads and Soups; Desserts; Cakes and Frostings; Cookies and Bars; Pies; Candies; Meats/Vegetables/Casseroles; and Hints.

German-Russian family names contributing to the cookbook include: Bader, Bauer, Becker, Bellon, Bittner, Boehler, Boschee, Buckholz, Doreheim, Eichhorn, Essig, Fiechtner, George, Goebel, Grenz, Holrup, Jenner, Ketterling, Kirsch, Klauss, Koenig, Koepplin, Kranzler, Krause, Leischner, Mack, Mayer, Metzker, Miller, Nagel, Roesler, Rudolf, Ruff, Schade, Skaro, Sperling, Stolz, Strelau, Vossler, Werth, Weintz, Weisser, Whittmyer, and Zimmerman.

Favorite Recipes: Lehr Thimble Bee

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