Heavenly Aromas

Prepared by Lehr Zion United Methodist Church, Lehr, North Dakota. G & R Publishing Company, Waverly, Iowa, no date, 338 pages.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to present the Heavenly Aromas of the Lehr Zion United Methodist Church of Lehr, McIntosh County, in south central North Dakota.

Of special interest to the Germans from Russia community are the wonderful old recipes from the many German-Russian families who settled the Lehr area. Recipes include Knoepfla soup, German potato salad, dumplings, Strudels, Kraut Strudels, Kase Knoepfla (cheese buttons), Fleisch Kuechla, Hallupsy (pigs in the blanket), stirum, Slitz Keagla, Schnitz Kuechle, Blachinda, pumpkin Blagenda, Kuchen, wedding Kuchen, Aunt Rebecca's peach Kuchen and overnight Kuchen.

Family names include Ackerman, Baltzer, Becker, Buchholz, Dewald, Entzl, Erbele, Fiechtnet, Finck, Hochhalter, Klein, Krueger, Lautt, Lepp, Nagel, Rudolf, Ruff, Schock, Wagner and Zimmerman.

Heavenly Aromas Cookbook

Book is out-of-print (not available)


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