The Little Flower Church, Rugby, North Dakota: 1910-2010 Centennial Celebration Cookbook

Rugby, North Dakota, 2010, 171 pages, Softcover.

The Rugby and Pierce County area of north central North Dakota was heavily settled by Catholic families from Black Sea German villages today near Odessa, Ukraine. The "Old World Favorites" in this cookbook include many ethnic German-Russian recipes: Biscuits for Kuchen, Kuchen Bars, German Kuchen, Unraised Kuchen, Sister Magdalen Schaan's Kuchen, Kuchen (Wedding) Hochzeit, Cuga Bars, Pumpkin Turnovers (Bladginda), Pan Kuchen, Leibkuchen, Blatchinda, Kolaches, Fleisch Kueckle, Homemade Noodles, Cabbage Rolls, Sauerkraut, Watermelon Pickles, Goladetz (Pickled Pig's Feet), Red Eye (German Schnapps), Hochzeits Schnaps (Wedding Whiskey), Knoephla Soup, Sister Mary Agnes's Blachenda and Bean Soup, Knefle Soup, Liver Dumplings, Cheese Knepfla, Watermelon Noodles, Bumbuscha, Halupsy (Pigs in the Blanket), Cheese Button Hotdish (German Dish), Dressing for German Potato Salad and Cabbage Salad, Grandma's Noodles, Fawca Nacht Kuechle, German Potato Salad, Christine's German Hot Dish, Potato Pancakes, Spaetzle Soup Mix (Dumplings), Kase Knipfula, Cheese Buttons, Homemade Noodles and Cream Kaese Noodles.

Family names for these German-Russian recipes include: Black, Brossart, Bruggeman, Burgard, Grove, Heintz, Hoffart, Houim, Jaeger, Jundt, Koble, Koenig, Kraft, Massine, Mitzel, Schmaltz, Selensky, Traeger, Voeller and Wald. A number of the recipes are from the Sisters of Saint Francis Convent, Hankinson, North Dakota.

Little Flower Church Cookbook

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