Peace Lutheran Church Women Cookbook: Hazen, North Dakota

Peace Lutheran Church, Hazen, North Dakota, 2000, 308 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide the excellent cookbook from the community of Hazen, North Dakota. There is an outstanding "Ethnic" section including recipes for: Blachinda, Brot Knechla, Fleischkuchle, Fleisch Noodles, hot German potato salad, Knepfla soup, Kattofel Wergala, crock pot Knepfla and sauerkraut, Bavarian style Knoepfle, Kase Knoephla, Kuchen dough, overnight Kuchen dough, quick Kuchen, Kuchen, filling for Kuchen, Krummel Kuchen, Kuchen bars, Lebkuchen, honey Lebkuchen cookies, lazy man cheese buttons, potato knephla or buttons, Nudla, Pfeffernuesse cookies, Schnitz Kuchla, Stirrum, Strudla dough, German Strudla, and frozen bread dough easy way Strudel.

Germans from Russia family names who contributed recipes include: Allmendinger, Adolf, Boehler, Buchert, Christmann, Ellwein, Goetz, Grosz, Huber, Knoell, Krenz, Maas, Mattheis, Mittelsteadt, Mettler, Neuberger, Oberlander, Oster, Rahn, Reinhardt, Richter, Ritter, Scheid, Schmoll, Steifel, Tesky, Usselmann, and Weisz. Many of these families have ancestral heritage to the former German villages in Crimea and Bessarabia (today in southern Ukraine near the Black Sea).

Peace Lutheran Church Women Cookbook

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