Mennonite Heritage Village Cook Book

A Delightful and Useful Souvenir of Tested Recipes and Kitchen Remedies

Edited and Compiled by Sue Barkman

Derksen Printers, Steinbach, Manitoba, 1981, 184 pages, Softcover.

This coobkook provides old-fashioned recipes, kitch and home remedies. Recipes include Peppernuts, Old-Fashioned Molasses Cookies, Fried Ham and Onion Gravy with Kielke, How to Make Butter, How to Milk a Cow, recipes for cleaners and much more.

Other recipes include Ein-Bach Buns, Perischki, Schnetki, Roll Kuchen, Borscht, Potato Soup, Homemade Noodles for Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Dumpling Soup, Rhubarb Moos, Vereniki, Hallapse, Chicken and Dumplings, Kielke, Bubbat, Cucumber Salad, Coleslaw, Bread and Butter Pickles, Pickled Beets, Sweet Pickles, Icicle Pickles, Dill Pickles, Mustard Pickles, Gherkin Pickles, Pickled Sweet Carrots, Sweet Pickled Onions, Watermelon Pickles, Rhubarb Platz, Baked Rice Pudding, Bread Pudding, Poor Man's Cheese and Horseradish Sauce.

Mennonite Heritage Village Cook Book

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