The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes

Canadian Mennonite Conference. Derksen Printers Ltd., Steinbach, Manitoba, 1982, 252 pages, softcover.

This is one of the most popular cookbooks in the Mennonite German community and a Canadian best seller. The section for "Mennonite Dishes" includes:

Bulki, Raisin Bread, Zwieback, Plain Buns, Peppernuts, Portzelky, New Year's Cookies, Paska, Chees Sprea for Paska, Buffat, Wurts Buffat, Pork Roast German Buffat, Perishky, Bost Kuchen, Raised Perishky, Fritters, Apple Fritters, Sieropplatz, Fruit Platz, Dutch Apple Cake, Obstkuchen, Boden Kuchen, Pink or White Perishky, Zuckernuesse, Rogenmehl Kuchen, Braune Pfefferkuchen, Peppermint Cookies, Pfeffernuesse, Molasses Ammonia Cookies, White Cookies, Oma's Kuchen, Schnetki, Kringel, Russian Kringel, Spetzel, Kielke, Kielke Salaut, Zwetschen Knoedel, Wareneki, Lazy Man's Wareneki, Wareneki with Sauerkraut, Cottage Chees Wareneki, Cream Gravy for Wareneki, Glums Wareneki, Cottage Cheese Noodles, Rollkuchen, Roll Kuchen, German Pancakes, Blintze, Komm Morgen Wieder, Arme Ritte, Ruehrei, Chicken Noodle Soup, Homemade Noodles, Green Bean Soup, Borscht, Komst Borscht, Cabbage Borscht, Sauerkraut Borscht, Summer Borscht, Sauerkraut Soup, Ripe Bean Soup, Dried Bean Soup, Rindsupp, Potato Soup, Wota Moos, Klieta, Hamburger Soup, Russian Fish Soup, Schmauntsupp, Butter Soup, Seeti Malkschi Moos, Gretti Malck, Moos, Plumi Moos, Schmoor Kohl,Cottage Cheese Cakes, Postanak Supp, Gelberruebensuppe, Butter Soup, Potatoes with Kielki, Cream of Wheat Pudding, Gooseberry Moos, and Damson Plum Moos.

For Butchering, these Mennonite recipes include: Brine Cure for Hams and Bacon, Head Cheese, Kolodez, Cracklings and Eggs, Surgar Cure Pork, Leberwurst, Pickled Pigs Feet, and Summer Sausage.

The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes

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