Mound City Quas Qui Centennial Cookbook: June 12 & 13, 2009

Mound City Quasquicetnennial Committee, Mound City, South Dakota, 2009, 303 pages, softcover.

This cookbook includes these recipes: homemade noodles, overnight Kuchen, fried cheese patties, Strudels, cheese Strudel, Russian potato salad, fried cakes (Keachla), Fleischkeuchlas, Stirrum, Kase Knoepla (cheese buttons), German Kuchen dough, Huluptzi (pigs in the blanket), cheese Knippels or buttons, Kuchen, German Kuchen, Fleisch Kuechla and German old-fashioned bread stuffing.

Mound City Quas Qui Centennial Cookbook

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