Northern Plains Ethnic Cookbook

The Northern Plains Heritage Foundation, Dickinson, North Dakota, 1998, 204 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to present this excellent publication, Northern Plains Ethnic Cookbook including foodways of the American Indian, Anglo-American, Asian, Czech, Dutch, German, German Hungarian, Germans from Russia, Irish, Polish, Scandinavian, and Ukrainian.

The Germans from Russia section is extensive including an article, "Germans from Russia Heritage" by Zita Dauenhauer Gieser, Dickinson. Zita was a member of the 1996 Journey to the Homeland Tour visiting her ancestral Black Sea German villages of the Beresan Enclave. The article, "German-Russian Immigrant Settlements in the Dickinson Area" has writings submitted by Josephine Hartman and Nick Olheiser. Interesting food articles include 1) Meat by Nick Olheiser; 2) Easter by Esther Gengler and Zita Gieser; and 3) Christmas by Zita Gieser.

Delicious recipes includes a section on "Dough Dishes" such as Kase Knepfla (cheese buttons), Strudels, Shoupf Noodlen, and Dampfnudla (bread noodles), Kartoffelsalad (German potato salad), Borscht Suppe (German vegetable soup), Kase Kuchen, Zucker Kuchen, Platchinda, Windbeutel (cream puffs), Schaum Torte, Lebkuchen, Pfeffernusse cookies, Plaetzchen (anise drops), Stollen (Christmas tea ring), Kirschen Wein (cherry wine), Kamillentee (camomile tea), and spiced sunflower seeds.

Familiar family names as contributors of the recipes include Wanner, Hochhalter, Boespflug, Renner, Zimmerman, Huether, Fitterer, Ammann, Messmer, Gengler, Steier, Gress, Mischel, Armbrust, Schneider, Hauck, Schafer, Muth, Rehling, Kraus, Koenig, Biel, Bernhardt, Hecker, Leiss, Heiser, Wilhelm, Schmitz, Bosch, Reisenauer, Jahner, Dukart, Ziegler, Hoff, and Geiger. The ancestors of these families immigrated primarily from the South Russia villages (today southern Ukraine) from the former Black Sea German villages near Odessa and from the former Crimean German villages near Simperofol.

Northern Plains Ethnic Cookbook

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