From Oma's Kitchen: From  Russia to Canada with Love, Courage and Gratitude

By Selma Willms Turner

Judson lake House Publishers, Abbotsford, British Columbia, 2006, 229 pages, Hardcover.

Caramel Date Sandwiches.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to announce this book, From Oma's Kitchen. This wonderful book features many Mennonite heritage recipes for such traditional favorites as: Cabbage Rolls (Holubsche), Borscht, Wareneke, Klopps, Platz, Lemon Pie, and all kinds of cookies. There are also great summertime recipes including Chocolate Raspberry Mousse. This impressive book has outstanding color photographs.

This book contains many stories and anecdotes about the Mennonite experience in Russia and Canada from the early twentieth century. In the first chapter: "A Refuge in Russia", the author writes: "In the eighteenth century, many of northern Europe's Mennonites accepted Empress Catherine the Great's invitation to resettle in the southern part of the Russian Empire, where they used their skills to create productive farms and progressive communities in the Ukraine." The author completes the book with the final chapter of "Back to Russia, with love." "Selma's brother and sister-in-law, Walter and Annie (Block) Willms, make a home for themselves and find fellowship and many friends among the Russian Mennonites in the Siberia village of Apolonovka or Waldheim."

Mom's Piroschki with Blueberries.

Other recipes include: Meatballs/Kotletin, Beef Barley Soup, New Year's Fritters (Portselkji), Baked Ham and Scalloped Potatoes, Bienenstich, Raspberry Pie, Fruit Piroschki, Aunt Annie's Meat Ball Soup, Old Fashioned Meat Loaf, Apple Strudel, Apple Square, Apple Pie, Apple Crisp, Winnie's Shortbread, Honey Cookies, Spritz Kuchen, Date Swirlies, Christmas Fruit Cookies, and others.

A DVD is included with the book to learn with Selma Willms Turner how to make: White Bread (Bulki), Zwieback (Buns) and Cinnamon Buns.

About the Editors

Selma Willms Turner is one of the principals of Judson Lake House, and is the food editor of From Oma's Kitchen. Selma has an extensive background in food research and preparation. She studies Home Economics at the University of British Columbia. She has worked as a County Home Economist, taught Science and Home Economics, and served as Director of Dietetics for the MSA Hospital and Mission Hospital in Abbotsford. Selma brings a comprehensive knowledge of food preparation, nutrition and presentation to this book.

This book is in lovingly dedicated to Katharina Matthies Rempel our great-grandmother, whose love for the Lord and for her family inspire us to this day.

Neil Klassen is also one of the principals of Judson Lake House. Growing up in British Columbia's Fraser Valley, he gained a deep appreciation for Mennonite foods, folkways and family histories. Neil graduated from the University of British Columbia majoring in art education. He has taught art, graphic design, and photography; freelanced as a graphic designer and illustrator; and worked as a wedding, portrait and commercial photographer. Neil brings his love
of history and storytelling, as well as his graphic design and photographic abilities to this book.


From Oma's Kitchen

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