Sharing Our Best Recipes: Medina and Tappen, North Dakota

Members and Friends of United Methodist Churches, Medina and Tappen, North Dakota

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, in cooperation with United Methodist Churches, Medina and Tappen, North Dakota, 2003, 239 pages.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this excellent new cookbook, Sharing Our Best Recipes. The cookbook includes an Alphabetical Recipe Index by category.

Germans from Russia ethnic recipes include: Fleisch Kuechle, pigs in the blanket (Holapsie), potato soup, Knoephla soup, Ribble milk soup, egg drop soup (Einlaaf), vegetable soup (Borscht), potato pancakes, Stirrum, Grandma's Strudla's, baking powder Strudels, sweet sour Kraut, sweet cabbage, cabbage slaw, sweet and sour cabbage (Haloupsie), hot German potato salad, homemade noodles, dumplings, Spätzle (tiny egg noodle), cheese buttons, lay man's cheese buttons, Kase Knoepfla, cottage cheese buttons, potato Knoepfla, Schlitz Kiechla, Kiechla or fry bread, Baska (Easter bread), Buske (Russian Easter bread), butter horns, date butter horns, buns, peppernuts, Pheffernuesse cookies, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin turnovers, Blatschinda (pumpkin pockets), custard for Kuchen, wedding Kuchen, Kuchen dough, bundt Kuchen, raised potato doughnuts, baking powder biscuits, crackling cookies, raised doughnuts, mom's neckties, crumb cake, and apple slices.

Family names who contributed recipes include: Bitterman, Bittner, Eisenbis, Enzminger, Falk, Guthmiller, Harr, Hersch, Hieb, Hillius, Hoersch, Hofman, Hofmann, Job, Ketterling, Kinnischtzke, Kuck, Mayer, Messer, Mittleider, Moos, Moser, Pfaff, Reich, Roesler, Roemmich, Schlecht, Schmallinger, Sprunk, Staiger, Wasmuth, Wolsky, Wolt, and Zimmerman.

Sharing Our Best Recipes

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