St. Clement's Church, Haymarsh, N.D.: 1887-1987: Centennial Cookbook

Prepared by Christian Mothers, St. Clement's Church, Haymarsh, North Dakota, 1987, 212 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide the St. Clement's Church cookbook of Haymarsh, located north of Glen Ullin in west-central North Dakota. Many Germans from Russia families settled in the Glen Ullin and Haymarsh area.

Of special interest is the "German" section including these recipes: baked cheese, baked cottage cheese, cottage cheese rolls, Grumerba Kuchen, Kase Knip, Kase Nipfula, mock cheese buttons, Rham (cream) Strudle, Shoop (finger) noodles, strudles, Schnitz und Knepp, Schmora, Fleishkuechle, Fleischnudla, German potato salad, Gemease (sauerkraut soup), Kneopfle soup, Paprikash soup, Anise Platchen (anise caps), Kipfele, Lebkuchen cookies, Pfefferneuse, snowballs, Springerle, pastry snails (Schnecken), Blachinda, Bladginda, Plajanda, Kuchen, Wasser Kipfel, Kolaches, date filled sugar Kucka, Anna Carter's Apple Strudel, and Strudel.

St. Clement's Church, Haymarsh, N.D.: 1887-1987: Centennial Cookbook

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