A Book of Favorite Recipes

Compiled by St. Mary's Society, Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Strasburg, North Dakota, reprint 1998, 134 pages, Softcover.

A Book of Favorite Recipes presents many of the food traditions from the kitchens in our large community of Germans from Russia. Some of the women who submitted the recipes were born in the South Russia villages or are first generation German-Russian with recipes used from the Old Country in the Catholic Kutschurgan villages of South Russia (today near Odessa, Ukraine), or in the Catholic village of Krasna, Bessarabia (today Krasnoe, Ukraine). Many recipes trace the original foodways passed down through generations.

Women who submitted recipes include the families of Rohrich, Wickenheiser, Volk, Schreiner, Dietrich, Reinbold, Wagner, Vetter, Wolf, Selzler, Burckhardt, Ternes, Kraft, Fischer, Voller, Nicholas, Bauman, Baumgartner, Geigle, Hager, Wald, Senger, Burgad, Kuss, Lipp, Keller, Giesinger, Mattern, Klein, Kramer, Bossert, and Schumacher.

Recipes include: pickled watermelon, Russian dills, German potato soup, Borecka (meat buttons), Kaladetz (jellied meat), Hallupsi (cabbage roll), Grumera Wurst (potato sausage), Kraut Paruch (kraut rolls), Kees Knoepfla (cheese buttons), sauerkraut noodles, cheese noodles, Kuchen, German cookies, ammonia cookies, and many other original recipes.

A Book of Favorite Recipes

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