Stutsman County Homemakers: Celebrating 125 Years of Cooking 1883-2008

Prepared by the Stutsman County Homemakers Clubs, Jamestown, North Dakota, 2008, 387 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection (GRHC) is pleased to announce the addition of Stutsman County Homemakers: Celebrating 125 Years of Cooking 1883-2008 to our cookbook collection. It was prepared by Stutsman County Homemakers Clubs (2008).

The Stutsman County Homemakers cookbook was originally produced in 1983 for the centennial, and recently reprinted with new additions in celebration of Jamestown, North Dakota’s 125th anniversary.

The cookbook contains an Ethnic Foods section with over 35 pages of ethnic recipes including these sub-categories: Bavarian, Bohemian, Chinese, Czechoslovakian, Denmark, Finland, French, German, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Polish, and Swedish.

The following recipes are included in the German Ethnic Foods section: Cheese Dumplings or Kase Nepfla, Coffeecake, Cornmeal Fried Mush, Deutschmans, Dumplings, Fet Kucha, Fleisch Kueckle, Fried Tomatoes, Garden Borsch, German Kisses, German Kucka, German-Fried Pepper and Onion, German Pancakes, Grandma Dammel’s Crackling Cookies, Head Cheese, Head Cheese Spread, Hot German Potato Salad, Icicles, Kas Knepfla or Cheese Buttons, Knepfla, Knepfla Soup, Kuchen, Kuchen and Topping, Lebkuchen, Molasses Cookies, No-Cream Kuchen Filling, Old-Fashioned Borsch Soup, Old-Fashioned Potato Pancakes, Peppernuts, Pfefferneusse, Pfefferneusse Cookies, Pickled Pigs Feet or Ham Hocks, Potato Dumplings, Pumpkin Blahchindy, Sauerbraten, Sauerkraut Cake, Strudla, Strudel, Strudels, and Vasser Mose.

Stutsman County Homemakers

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