A Taste of Tradition: From the Hands of Generations: Celebrate 100 Dodge, ND Years, 1914-2014
Dodge Centennial Committee, Dodge, North Dakota, 2014, 278 pages, softcover.

This Dodge ND, centennial cookbook also includes historical photographs of the community. There are a number of Germans from Russia families which settled in the Dodge area.

Recipes include: Easter Bread, Damphfnudla, Eva; Dumph Noodla, Crock-Pot Knephla, Verenica, Noodles and Kraut Hot Dish, Cabbage and Noodles, German Lasagna, Ham Knoephla, Fleisch Keuchle, Bake Fleischkeuckle, Sauerkraut Buns, Bake Fleischkuekla, Chimichangas, Knephla, Russian Borscht Soup, Great-Grandma's Chicken Noodle Soup, Potato Soup, Knepfla Soup, German Crisp Cookies, Kuchen, Baking Powder Kuchen Dough, Bobbie's One Pan Kuchen, Kuchen Bars, Platchinda, Schlitz Kuechlas, Grandma's (Katie Sailer's) Blachinda, Blagenda German Kuchen and many other recipes.

A Taste of Traditions: From the Hands of Generations

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