Trinity American Lutheran Church Women (A.L.C.W.) Cookbook

Favorite Recipes from Members of Trinity Lutheran Church, Napoleon, North Dakota

General Publishing and Binding Inc., Iowa Falls, Iowa, 1987, 332 pages, Softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide the Trinity American Lutheran Church Women Cookbook of Napoleon, North Dakota. Many church members are of German-Russian ancestry.

The cookbook has extensive ethnic German-Russian recipes in the "Heritage Foods" section (pages 5-56) including: apple fritters, Blachinda, Borscht soups, cream noodles, Culdahets, custard for Kuchen, Fleisch Kuchla, Halupsy, homemade mustard, hot potato salad, Kartaffel Verkel, Kase Knoephla, Knoephla, noodles, pigs in the blanket, potato Klop, potato dumplings, potato pancakes, pumpkin or cabbage Schtumpa, sauerkraut Kuchla, Schlitz Kuchla, Smear Kase, Strudels, and many types of Kuchen. A detailed index to the recipes is provided.

Trinity American Lutheran Women Cookbook

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