Recipes: Wishek Home for the Aged

Wishek Home for the Aged and Nursing Home, Wishek, North Dakota, 2004, 308 pages, Softcover.


The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection presents this new cookbook from Wishek, McIntosh County, south central North Dakota which is heavily populated by Germans from Russia.

Recipes include: homemade summer sausage, German sour cream soup, Knephla soup, German cabbage soup, baked Knoephla, sausage and sauerkraut, Kraut Baroks, Kraut Kechla, German pork chops, Kas Knephla, ham Strudels, Knepfla hot dish, Fleisch Kuechla, Knephla bacon sauerkraut, Jbeogka bacon potatoes, Strudels, Kuchen bars, Pfeffernusse, Kuchen, Kuchen dough, pumpkin Blachinda, homemade bread, filling for 5 to 6 Kuchen and others.

Persons contributing recipes with German Russian family names include: Ackerman, Auch, Bachmeier, Beggenhausen, Bettenhausen, Bitz, Blinsky, Boschee, Brandner, Bunstad, Dallman, Deede, Dewald, Entzi, Erbele, Feist, Fiechtner, Gall, Goebel, Goldade, Gross, Haas, Hauck, Hochhalter, Janke, Jochim, Just, Kaseman, Kauk, Ketterling, Klein, Krein, Kurle, Lautt, Lipp, Meidinger, Maier, Meyer, Miller, Moe, Piatz, Ruff, Salwei, Sayler, Schilling, Schlenker, Schulz, Schumacher, Thurn, Ulmer, Vetsch, Voller, Wagner, Wald, Wanner, Welk, Wiest, Ziegenhagel and Zimmerman.

Recipes: Wishek Home for the Aged

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