A Man Called Andreas

By Andrew (Andy) Kroneberger

Lakeside Press, Willmar, Minnesota, 2010, 290 pages, softcover.

Andy Kroneberger and Michael Miller, Spicer, Minnesota, 13 July 2012.

The heartbreaking story of an immigrant German from Russia, who chose to come to America and the personal struggles he endured to get his family out of Russia.

John (Andreas) Kroneberger was baptized Johannes at birth but was called "Andreas" for the first 30 years of his life in the German village of Dehler in Russia. He came to "America" (USA) in 1912.

During the 33 years of his life in his adopted American homeland, he used his legal birth name of John (English for Johannes). Very few of us ever understood the heartbreaking difficulties and the mental anguish that he endured for so many years in his endless efforts to get his family out of Russia.

This man called Andreas was not blessed as a person of financial riches, but repeatedly commited himself to incredible undertakings for his fmaily. He feared no challenge! Regardless of the task, his approach was always, "there's got to be a way." Most men would have refused to even consider the enormous obstacles he encountered along the way and said: "Forget it. That's enough!" But not my Father! Once committed, he gave of himself over and over again.

(L- R): My Grandfather Philip Stoessel; my mother's sister, Maria; little sister Katherine; eldest brother Phillip Stoessel; my grandmother, Barbara (Max) Stoessel and brother, Wendelinus Stoessel. My mother was not present, but Grandpa Stoessel is holding her wedding picture. Picture taken about 1915 in Russia.
Margita and Juan Kroneberger with their three eldest children; Justina, Miguel and Margarita. About 1918 in Argentina.
Michael Kroneberger, Arkadii Kroneberger, Erna Kroneberger's husband Mike and Lusa Kroneberger having fun.
Michael Stoessel (Brother of my Grandfather, Phillip Stoessel) family in Argentina and Grandparents of the Erna, Arkadii. Lili and Valentina in picture below. Picture taken about 1914.

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A Man Called Andreas

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