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“I consider this book among the very best – a beautifully illustrated and a comprehensive record on the Bessarabian Germans.” - Alex Herzog

“This is a book that will put the history and contributions of the Germans from Russia on the global map.” - Carol Just

“It is, without question, the authoritative history of the Germans in Bessarabia.” - Allyn Brosz

In 1813 Czar Alexander I invited German settlers to make their home on the Black Sea as colonists. Within five to six generations, these immigrants, most of them coming from Prussia and Southwestern Germany, established a prosperous, organized community. They lived among Moldovans, Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Jews and other groups in peaceful neighborhoods as a small minority in a colorful variety of ethnic and religious communities. In 1918 the region came under Romanian rule. The resettlement of the Germans in autumn 1940 signified the end of a full 125-year settlement history.

The book describes the origin and form of settlement of the Germans in Bessarabia, their local autonomy and their rural culture steeped in Protestant ethics as well as the coexistence with other nationalities. The author closes with observations about today’s Bessarabia that in part belongs to the Republic of Moldova and to Ukraine.

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Bessarabia: German Colonists on the Black Sea

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