The Braun Family: An Immigrant Story

By Hilde Braun with Virginia Gunn Fick

Owlady Press, High Point, North Carolina, 2008, 80 pages, softcover.

This well written family history includes the following: 1) Braun and Dobler Genealogy; 2) Photo of the Christian Braun, Jr. Extended Family, 1925; 3) Maps of Migration 1814 and 1944-1945; 4) Map of Bessarabia and Ukraine: Villages of Primary and Secondary Settlement of the Braun and Dobler Families.

The chapters include: 1) Early 1800s to Pre World War I Era (Borodino and Teplitz, Bessarabia); 2) 1911 to 1937 (Ludwig Braun and Frieda Dobler; 3) 1938 to 1945; 4) 1945 to 1952; chapters 4 to 9 cover immigrating to Virginia, USA.

The Braun and Dobler families emigrated in the ealy 1800s from Württemberg, Germany to Borodina and Teplitz, Bessarabia.

The Braun Family: An Immigrant Story

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