Extended Relationships of the Kulm, Leipzig, Tarutino Communities in Bessarabia, Russia

By Arthur E. Flegel, Certified Genealogist

Desk-top publishing prepared by Harold M. Ehrman

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2005, 864 pages, hardcover.


The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to publish this important, impressive, and monumental work, Extended Relationships of the Kulm, Leipzig and Tarutino Communities in Bessarabia, Russia. Arthur Flegel introduces the book with an excellent history of Bessarabia and of the Bessarabian villages of Kulm, Leipzig and Tarutino.

There is a Preface for Genealogical Information and a Guide for Genealogical Information. The contents of the book covers the thousands of family names beginning with Ackermann to Zynalewsky. There is a detailed Child Index of family names.

About the Author

Cleora & Arthur Flegel and Harold Ehrman with new book, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Convention, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, August, 2005.

Arthur Edmund Flegel is the son of immigrant German Russian parents, Johann and Julianne (Pflugrath) Flegel, the ninth of ten children of whom six achieved adulthood. He was born in 1917 in the wheat fields of North Dakota and raised in the wheat fields of Kansas and the sugar beet fields of Colorado. As a youth, Arthur was intrigued with the realization that while his parents and their close friends claimed to be German, they readily admitted that Russia was their native country from where they had emigrated for the New World, especially the United States and Canada.

Arthur Flegel accumulated considerable genealogical data from a variety of sources including microfilms, periodicals, family histories and interviews, along with his mother's remarkable memory and basic information from Dr. Karl Stumpp. Using materials he had collected over the years, he published the Reuscher-Schnell Kinship book in 1975 relating to his wife's genealogy, and the Flegel-Pflugrath Kinship book in 1978 covering his own paternal and maternal lines.

Gathering the materials for both kinship books became a "once in a lifetime" experience in terms of Arthur and Cleora (Reuscher) Flegel's travels, which included interviews with many people, not only in the USA, but Canada, Germany, Russia, Argentina and Brazil. Some of whom have become lasting friends.

These travels and interviews along with Arthur's God-given ability to read the printed as well as handwritten old German, sometimes referred to as Gothic vs. the Latin in common usage today, became the overpowering influence to become a certified genealogist which culminated in a many years' effort in accumulating and transcribing genealogical and historical information for publication in a book covering some 28,000 individuals which comprises about 6,000 families directly or indirectly related to the communities of Kulm, Leipzig and Tarutino in the former Bessarabia.

It is his firm belief that this is an innate part of God's plan for his life, and he offers his fervent hope and prayer that this work will be beneficial to many who desire to research and learn about their German-Russian connections.

Further biographical information about Arthur E. Flegel is at http://library.ndsu.edu/grhc/outreach/friends/index.htm

General view of Leipzig.
View of weekly bazaar (fair) held every Monday at Tarutino.
Women stacking dried cow-dung for fuel.
Cutting sod for making sod houses.

Extended Relationships of the Kulm, Leipzig, Tarutino Communities in Bessarabia, Russia

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