German Immigrants in America: An Interactive History Adventure

By Elizabeth Raum

Capstone Press, Mankato, Minnesota, 2008 112 pages, hardcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this impressive book with excellent design, layout and photographs designed for children. The book describes the experiences of German immigrants upon arriving in America. The readers choices reveal historical details from the perspective of Germans who came to Texas in the 1940s, the Dakota Territory in the 1880s, and Wisconsin before the start of World War I.

Chapter 3, titled "Homesteading" features the Germans from Russia in the Dakota Territory of Hoskins and Ashley, McIntosh County, south central North Dakota and Menno, in southeastern South Dakota. The chapter includes historical information, a wonderful story and excellent photographs.

Elizabeth Raum writes: "Perhaps this book will introduce a new generation of readers to the history of the Germans from Russia."

About the Author

Elizabeth Raum spent 15 years in North Dakota, and during that time she became fascinated by the story of the Germans from Russia. When her editor at Capstone Press asked her to write an interactive children's book about German immigration, she was eager to include a chapter on the Germans from Russia. Raum thanks Michael Miller at the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries, Fargo, for alerting her to many of the resources used in telling this tale. She hopes that children reading this book will get a taste of the courage and determination that German immigrants needed to make their way in America -- whether they settled in Texas, Wisconsin or the Dakotas. Raum is a full-time writer currently living in Michigan.

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German Immigrants in America

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