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Comments from Margaret Aman Freeman about Glückstal Publications

Coordinator of the Glueckstal Colonies Research Association, Redondo Beach, California

In 1993-1994, the Genealogical Society of Utah (Mormons) purchased and made available the records of the St. Petersburg Consistory, St. Petersburg, Russia, which were the records of the church events in our ancestors' lives during their sojourn in Russia. After an initial perusal of several films, with all information in German script of the 19th century, our group determined how to most efficiently present the data to our researchers, so that it would be in an easy to read and usuable form.

Harold M. Ehrman, Pacific Palisades, CA, native of Eureka, SD, took on the job of coordinating our reading, recording and proofreading of the data. It was Mr. Ehrman who developed the format for the birth records which included the individual's name and the name of both father and mother. That made possible a chronological family listing for the birth for the birth and marriage events of some 22,000 entries.

The volume on deaths has a separate listing for adults who are likely to have descendants and children who died without issue. In both instances the location of the birthplace of the decedent
Margaret Aman Freeman and Harold Ehrman

is recorded, an important addition for those who wish to trace their families back to a pre-migration locality, which in most instances makes it possible to trace the ancestral line to the beginbning of records.

For both books, the appendices contain translations of considerable additional data purchased by the Glueckstal Colonies Research Association from the Odessa Regional Archives. The books also include a brief history of the Glueckstal Colonies and a church history complete with pictures of the churches. The books are a result of many contibutors across the United States and Canada.

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