The Glückstalers in New Russia, the Soviet Union, and North America

Glückstal Colonies Research Association. Richtman's Printing, Fargo, North Dakota, 2008, 760 pages, hardcover, includes 1 DVD.

Table of Contents

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this monumental work, The Glückstalers in New Russia, the Soviet Union, and North America. In 2004, GCRA published The Glückstalers in New Russia and North America. This book is dedicated to Gwen Bernice Black Pritzkau, one of the founders of GCRA who researched many points of origin for Black Sea German families and especially the Glückstal German families.

Homer Rudolf, the Editor, writes in the Introduction; "Of particular significance are the memoirs that deal with life in the Soviet Union prior to 1944, the subsequent evacuation to present-day Poland, and the years that followed. A study of the migration in South Russia is included, as well as articles on the interim migration to Poland and Hungary that preceded that migration. Documents from South Russia and the United States, some of them newly acquired, have been translated with commentary. This collection is greatly enhanced by the photos and documents contributed by Glückstalers."

Some of the articles found in the Table of Contents include: 1) New Beresina by Michael Rempfer; 2) My Memoirs of Early Pioneer Days in Dakota Territory and South Dakota by Danield D. Opp; 3) The 75th Jubilee Celebration of Kassel Reformed Parish, Menno, SD, translation and commentary by Homer Rudolf; 4) The Passport of Joseph Kapp of 1901 is also a Brauche Document by Homer Rudolf; 5) My Roosisha Grossmutter by Elizabeth Egleland Hovland; 6) Memories of Wing, North Dakota by Patricia Mueller Chapman; 7) Music of the Glückstalers by Homer Rudolf; 8) The Great Terror in Odessa Province, 1937-1938 by Harold Ehrman; 9) Whispers in the Grass by Gerda Fadden; 10) March Destiny of Our Mother by Helmut Mayer; and many other fine articles.

This publication also includes a DVD which contains extensive genealogcial and historical information. The detailed indexes include: 1) Bicentennial Book Table of Contents for the 2004 GCRA book; 2) Bicentennial Book Illustrations; 3)  Bicentennial Book Place Index; 4)  Bicentennial Book Name Index; 5) Glückstal Bicentennial Disc 1 and Disc 2 Contents; 6) and the Index for this 2008 GCRA book.


Fred Roesch Chicken Barn. Contributed by
Annie Roesch Larson.
Irving Walker and John Schneible with horses.
Contributed by Sharon Pheil.
J. C. Rott & the Wishek Golden Jubilee Band 1948.
St. James Lutheran Church, rural Wishek, North Dakota. Contributed by Dorothy Schubert.
Margaret Aman Freeman, Redondo Beach, California, standing by GCRA display at AHSGR/GRHS Convention, Casper, Wyoming, July 29, 2008.
Book signing on July 30, 2008 at AHSGR/GRHS Convention Casper, Wyoming. Persons at table are members of Publications Committee.

The Glückstalers in New Russia, the Soviet Union, and North America

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