Deciphering Gothic Records

By Fay Dearden, Family Tree Press, Payson, Arizona, 1996, 14 pages, softcover.

Is Deciphering Gothic Script Difficult for you?

This little guide may be able to make it easier for you. DECIPHERING GOTHIC RECORDS was written especially to help with the problems faced by German researchers in deciphering "old German script." This very durable, compact (4.25" x 9") aid is a handy tool wherever you need it to translate Gothic script.

DECIPHERING GOTHIC RECORDS contains the most common Gothic script variations of upper and lower case letters of the German alphabet; symbols used in German records; key words found in birth, marriage and death records; common Gothic and Latin abbreviations; some Latin terms and some common German names. The alphabetized lists of German words are given in Gothic script, in modern German print and are translated into English.

German researchers can use this informative aid to translate some of the basic information in their records. They can use this aid to find the records of their ancestors and to determine the type of record (birth, marriage or death). They can avoid the unproductive, expensive and frustrating experience of having a professional translate records of unrelated people.

Deciphering Gothic Records

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