HEIMAT II: Steppe of Russia, No Longer My Country, My Home
By Shirley Wegner Nitschke
HEIMAT, Jamestown, North Dakota, 2010, 222 pages, softcover.

Otto Nitschke family farm tractors near Alfred, North Dakota, 1949.
Shirley Wegner Nitschke's book, HEIMAT II, shares the story about Carolyn's parents, Heidi and Heinrich, who were abducted by the Russians in the middle of the night. Carolyn had been warned by her parents, if she awoke to a disturbance during the night, to take her sister Christine and hide in the tall cupboard upstairs.
The Table of Contents includes: Part One: Life in Alt Posttal on the Steppe of Russia: Chapter 1: Do not praise the day before it is evening; Chapter 2: Whoever does not want to listen, must feel; Chapter 3: Where love falls, it will stay; Chapter 4: After the storm, the sun will shine again; Chapter 5: God’s will turns slowly, but grinds excellently fine; Chapter 6: Hope is the best healer; Chapter 7: The old most die, the young can; Chapter 7A: Everything is nice for awhile; Chapter 8: We were children once; Chapter 9: He who honors parents, honors God; Chapter 10: The wedding is the most beautiful time; Chapter 11: No victories without losses; Chapter 12: One must hope for the best; Chapter 14: Without effort there is no reward; Chapter 15: Who is scared of the weather, will never get far and Chapter 16: How you make your bed is how you sleep.
Author's husband's mother on the left.
Part Two: Life in Siberia includes: Chapter I: Luck and glass, how easily it breaks; Chapter II: He wants to go through the wall with his head; Chapter III: Miracles of miracles happened; Chapter IV: Adventure is not always fun; Chapter V: Everything is possible with God; Chapter VI: Man does not live by bread alone; Chapter VII: Drink fresh from the fountain; Chapter VIII: Hunger is the best cook and Chapter IX: Do everything in moderation.

Part Three: Life in America: Chapter 1: Every beginning is hard; Chapter 2: One must hope for the best; Chapter 3: The harvest time is the best time; Chapter 4: The old must die, the young can; Chapter 5: God gives, God takes away; Chapter 6: God is with us; Chapter 7: A Gathering is a happy time; Chapter 8: Oh you dear straw mattress; Chapter 9: Foresight is the mother of wisdom; Chapter 10: The way one eats, is how you work and Chapter 11: The crying of the child teaches its mother to sing.

About the Author

Shirley Wegner Nischke has written her second novel, and has lived her entire life in the state of North Dakota.  She was born and raised on a farm near Alfred, and graduated from Jamestown High School.  Shirley and her husband, Larry, live in the country near Jamestown.  They have a summer home in Alfred, Which they enjoy and share with family and friends. 


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