Second Harvest: Immigrant Stories from Bessarabia of Hard Beginnings in the Days of One-Share Ploughs and Spinning-Wheels

By Eva-Maria Hermann.

Verlag Paetzold & Voelker, Leipzig, Germany, 2000, 96 pages, softcover, English language.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to announce publication of the Second Harvest: Immigrant Stories from Bessarabia by Eva-Maria Hermann of Leipzig, Germany. She is author of the book We Ate the Salt of Russia: Stories of People Forgotten at Home (1994) (

In the "Foreword," Pierre Fuger, Amerikanisches Sprachinstitut, Leipzig, Germany, writes: "As an American reading Eva-Maria Hermann's Second Harvest: Immigrant Stories from Bessarabia, I could not help but wonder what it was that drove the exodus of Germans to such harsh climes. The forlorn immigrants of Bessarabia have been painstakingly portrayed by Hermann in this wonderful collection of tales. The similarities to American folklore are undeniable: the source is the same.

The German immigrants of Bessarabia have survived dictators and tyrants, diseases, poverty and had at one point lost the recognition of their German roots. Once again, Hermann enchants us with her engaging style of retelling the stories of these very real people."

There are stories of the Tarutino hunger revolt; Jakob, the orphan boy; Sophie, the Kashub girl; Christian Lukas, heir to an estate; and Bessarabian folk tales. There are many photographs and illustrations throughout the book.

Second Harvest: Immigrant Stories from Bessarabia

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