Peter Hilkes: Germans from the Former Soviet Union

Interview by Professor Timothy J. Kloberdanz

Dakota Dialogues Number 1, Institute for Regional Studies, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, 1994, 11 pages, softcover, in English language.

Peter Hilkes is a Research Associate at the East European Institute, Munich, Germany. Mr. Hilkes is one of Europe's leading authorities on the subject of the Germans in the former Soviet Union and their immigration to Germany. Hilkes in this interview provides information about Germans from Russia who have recently emigrated from Russia to Germany where not all have been viewed in a favorable light. He also discusses those ethnic Germans who still remain in the former Soviet Union. It is valuable to have someone like Mr. Hilkes - who works with German immigration officials and scholars to articulate his views and clarity of the official policies of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Mr. Hilkes was responsible for the development of the Bavarian House located in Odessa, Ukraine. He travels extensively to Russia and Ukraine specializing on the language, culture and history of the German heritage in the former Soviet Union.

Michael M. Miller, Peter Hilkes and Bob Schuller (1-r) interviews on KXMB television in Bismarck, ND, October 1993.
Peter Hilkes is presented the book, Prairie Mosaic by Rev. William C. Sherman while visiting Grand Forks, ND, October 1993.
Peter Hilkes visiting the GRHS office in October 1993 with members of the Dakota Pioneer Chapter, Bismarck, ND.
Betty Brosz and Alice Hollan present Peter Hilkes with German kuchen and a cassette tape from the James Valley Chapter during his visit to Jamestown, ND, October 1993.

Peter Hilkes: Germans from the Former Soviet Union

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