The History of the Hutterites: Revised Edition

By John Hofer

Published by Friesens Corporation, Altona, Manitoba, Canada, Third Printing, 1996, 108 pages, softcover.

This comprehensive view of history concerns the early Hutterian Brethern. They are described as a group of Christians determined to give spiritual piety a priority in their daily lives. With a focus of devotion and earnestness which was seldom emulated within the universal history of Christian believers, the Hutterian Brethern attempted to restore the tenants of faith and life, which characterized the witness of the early church.

Twenty-three lessons are intended to instruct heritage to Hutterian youth. Their Apostolic Church history is recounted from Pentecost, according to the Bible in Acts 2, to the Great Reformation with the birth of Anabaptism. Upon the formation of the Hutterian Brethren, their trials, tribulations, and migrations are recounted through Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America.

A more detailed text describes their concept of "community of common goods," leadership of Jacob Hutter, and missionary martyrs. Immigration journeys cover Moravia, Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine (South Russia), before extending to North American settlements.

There are many photographs, maps and illustrations found in this 108-page book. An interesting chart identifies the "Branching of Hutterites Colonies (Lehrerleut)" including extinct and existing colonies. Current color photos include agricultural activities found at the Hutterites colonies.

The appendix includes a "List of Hutterite Colonies in North America" including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia in Canada and South Dakota, Montana, North Dakota, Washington, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania in the United States. Also listed are the colonies founded in Sussex, England in 1971 and Japan in 1976.

Finally, there is a valuable listings of "Reference Books for Teachers" and "Additional Reading for Pupils." Persons who wish to gain a greater insight of the history and culture of the Hutterite community will want to secure this revised edition.

The History of the Hutterites: Revised Edition

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