Holdfast: History and Heritage, Volume 2

Holdfast History Book Committee, Holdfast, Saskatchewan, Friesens Corporation, Altona, Manitoba, 2005, 258 pages, hardcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this important community history book of Holdfast, Saskatchewan. The Holdfast area was settled my many Black Sea Germans from the Beresan and Kutschurgan District villages of South Russia (today in southern Ukraine near Odessa).

The book includes current history of Holdfast. Pages 31 to 247 includes the "Family Histories" section which completes a major part of this book.

The "Family Histories" section includes these names: Bast, Bentz, Bitz, Burkart, Deibert, Dielschneider, Dilschneider, Ehman, Eisenzimmer, Ell, Engelhart, Folk, Fuchs, Gelsinger, Heck, Hoffert, Hungle, Klein, Kletzel, Kraft, Luetz, Maerz, Maier, Measner, Mengel, Mertler, Metz, Miller, Schatz, Schlachter, Schneider, Schropp, Selinger, Steinhauer, Thauberger, Thurmeier, Wolfe, Zerr and Ziegler.

Holdfast: History and Heritage, Volume 2

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