Hutterite CO's in World War I:
Stories, Diaries and other accounts from the United States Military Camps

Spring Prairie Printing, Hawley, Minnesota, 1999, 160 pages, softcover.

The Editor's Note includes the following: "This book contains stories about the experiences of the Hutterites in the First World War that have been collected over many years by Joseph K. Wipf of Lakeside Colony, Cranford, Alberta. The publication has been expanded with materials from the Heritage Historical Library in Aylmer, Ontario, from the Archives of the Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana, and from the Freeman Historical Archives in Freeman, South Dakota."

The Table of Contents includes: 1): The Colony List; 2) Michael A. Stahl's Account; 3) Johannes Entz' Account; 4) Michael Stahl Continues the Account; 5) Christ or Country?; 6) Excerpts from the Diary of Noah H. Leatherman; 7: Account from the Congressional Record; 8) Jakob Waldner's Diary; 9) Ein Lied gemacht von mir; 10) The Hutterites During World War I; 11) One Man's Encounter with Military Law; 12) From Persecution to Acclaim; 13) Letter from Camp; 14) Excerpts from Gerlof Holman's Book on WWI; 15) Acts of Kindness; 16) Petition to President Woodrow Wilson; 17) Jacob Hutter on War; 18) Draft List - 56 Total; 18) Camp Funston; 19) Andrew Ofer's Enlistment Record; 20) Andrew Hofer's Discharge.

Hutterite CO's in World War I

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