The Jundt Family History with Memories of the Village Selz and Russia

Die Geschichte der Familie Jundt mit Erinnerungen an das Dorf Selz und an Russland

By Peter Goldade

Xlibris Corporation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2005, 645 pages, softcover, English and German text.

On the book jacket appears the following text: The Jundt Family History with Memories of the Village Selz and Russia, provides historical information about the remarkable journey of the origin of the Goldate/Goldade family and the family name. The book contains: family genealogical charts, historical data tracing the author's ancestors' migration from Germany to Russia, memoirs from Jundt family members who, after World War II were deported to Stalin's Siberian prisons and finally, the story of the journey of the author's grandparents' migration from Russia to the United States. All of the dates for the family records was retrieved from authenticated archival documents from Germany, Russia and the United States. The Jundt Family History with Memories of the Village of Selz and Russia, is a compelling account of the extraordinary individuals and families who shaped the Jundt family.

About the author:

Peter Goldade, was born in North Dakota and reared on his grandfather's homestead. He served three years in the U.S. Army as a Staff Sergeant in Radio and Communications. He was employed for thirty-four years by a major U.S. Aerospace firm as a Sales Marketing Manager. Upon his retirement, he began to devote more time to one of his hobbies - genealogy. His quest for knowledge of his family's lineage has spanned many years and nations. In his search for the family roots, his travels have taken him to Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia. The information obtained from this research, meeting long lost relatives and his journeys end to the creation of this book, and his other books, The Goldade Family History, The Migler Family History, and Our Relatives: The Persecuted.

The book includes maps, photographs, genealogical charts and other documents.

Catholic Church of the Assumption, Selz, Russia, built around 1901. A distant relative of the author, Lilly (nee Grad) Jundt, generously provided this photo.
Due to the Communists intolerance of churches, the Church of the Assumption in Selz is now in ruins. Photograph by Peter Goldade, 1997.
Typical style of house that the German built in the village of Selz. Photograph by Peter Goldade, 1997.
A Jundt family house in the village of Selz. This house was built in 1901 by Franz Jundt born in 1871. This house still remains in the village of Selz.
Lilly (nee Grad) Jundt standing fourth from right on picture, Here Lilly and fellow Germans were forced to work in the "Trudarmee" (Stalin's slave labor force) and were assigned to work on railroads in Siberia. Photo in 1950, Siberia, Russia.
Peter Jundt born in 1933, standing top row far right. Here Peter Jundt and fellow Germans were forced to work in the "Trudarmee" (Stalin's slave labor camps), Photo 1949, Siberia, Russia.

The Jundt Family History

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