The German Colonies in South Russia: 1804 to 1904: Volume I and Volume II

By Rev. Conrad Keller

Translated from German to English by Dr. Anthony Becker, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Lincoln, Nebraska, Volume I, 1968, 239 pages, and Volume II, 1973, 289 pages, hardcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide Conrad Keller's important books published in the German language in 1905 and 1914, later translated to the English language by Anthony Becker.

Volume I covers the general migration of the German people to the South Russia colonies including Kleinliebental, Josephstal, Mariental, and Franzfeld, located today near Odessa on the Baraboi River. The author includes ethnography of the German colonists including appearance, character, clothing, dwellings, and foodstuffs.

Volume II describes the Beresan colonies of Karlsruhe, Kathariental, Landau, München, Rastadt, Speier, and Sulz. This volume presents historical, geographical, and statistical account of these colonies as well as description of their culture. There are lists of settlers, ages of family members, and place names. Conrad Kellers shares the chapter on the "Customs and Folklore of the Beresan" including Advent, Feats of the Long Night, Christmas Eve, New Year, Feast of the Three Kings, Shrove Tuesday, Easter Week, Easter, Pentecost Race in the Beresan, Church Dedication Festival, Birth Days and Baptisms, The Wedding, and Funeral Customs.

The German Colonies of South Russia: 1804 to 1904
Volume I & II

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