Looking Back

By Anna Fischer, Friesen Press, Victoria, British Columbia, 2013, 210 pages, softcover.

Anna Fischer's 2009 book is Cry Out of Russia....escape from darkness.

Anna Fischer once again captures us with her sequel to Cry Out of Russia. Looking Back is a heartfelt passionate true story about a girl growing up under the Stalin Regime during World War II. She describes the gut-wrenching struggles of starvation and deportation of many thousands of villagers. In 1951, she immigrated to Canada trying to make it on her own in a very cruel and unforgiving world after the death of her husband. Anna reveals to us that cruelty can easily come from not only our surroundings but from people we thought would be there for us in times of sorrow and much needed support.

About the author

Anna Fischer was born in 1926 in Johannestal, (Beresan District) Ukraine during the Stalin Regime. In 1951, she immigrated to Canada where she married Fred Fischer and lived on a farm in Horsham, Saskatchewan, where they had four children. In 1969, Fred suddenly passed away leaving Anna no choice but to move to Medicine Hat to raise her children. She currently is retired and live in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Looking Back

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