The Maas/Moss and Related Families: Catholic Germans from Russia and Romania

A history of the Maas and related families in their journey from
Germany to Russia and Romania and, eventually, on into a new world.

Compiled by Edna Pringle-Moss

Old Kings Road Press, Flager Beach Florida, 2006, 647 pages, softcover.

This book contains the following: 1) general history of Catholic Germans in Russia and Romania, including their early migration and later forcible removal; 2) at least 100 historical and family photographs; 3) detailed family trees showing origins and many subsequent descendants to 2006; 4) 30 individual family trees; 5) detailed table of contents as a valuable resource for reference and genealogists.

Edna Moss provides important information in these chapters: 1) A Look at the History of the Germans from Russia; 2) The Catholic German Settlements; 3) The Dobrudscha Villages in Romania; 4) The History of the Church in Russia; 5) Krasna - Marienfeld - Emmental; 6) The Beginning of Change; 7) The Dobrudscha Germans from Russia; 8) They Start to Leave; 9) Resettlement in Germany; 10) List of the War Dead; 11) The Resettled German Families; 12) Canadian Germans. There is extensive pages relating to the various families and genealogy including family names of Arnold, Blotzki, Dukat, Faehnrich, Gedak, Gross, Harsche, Ihli, Immel, Kuss, Landeis, Maas, Meckler, Mueller, Nagel, Paul, Riehl, Ruschenski, Sohn, Speicher, Turk, Ternes, Dirk, Ziebart. The book includes an extensive Bibliography.

The compiler writes in the Dedication: "This work is dedicated to all the families mentioned in these pages, whose struggles and perserverance are a little known part of the history of not only Germany, Russia and Romania, but also of Canada, Brazil, Argentina and the United States. It is also dedicated to the descendents of those German families, who may not be familiar with or realize the history and traditions they have been privileged to inherit."

Front yard of Leogada and Raimund Ruscheinsky, 1939
First wedding performed in St. Gertrude Catholic Church, Grant County, North Dakota, October 7, 1914, Lorenz Loeb married Emma Ternes and Edward Ternes married Rosa Erker

The Maas/Moss and Related Families

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