A Sacred Heritage: Odessa & District

Published by the Odessa History Book Club, Odessa, Saskatchewan, Canada, printed by Friesen Printers, Altona, Manitoba, 1983, 591 pages, hardcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide the book, A Sacred Heritage: Odessa & District. The history book consists of stories of Odessa and the people located near Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Odessa area was settled by many Black Sea Germans from South Russia with many families from the Catholic Kutschurgan, Beresan and Liebental villages while others came from the Volga German and Bessarabian villages.

The Family Histories section includes names such as: Adler, Badlinger, Ball, Baumgartner, Bohn, Fesser, Folk, Gerein, Getz, Glas, Hauck, Hoffart, Hoffman, Holzapel, Klein, Kopp, Moser, Reiss, Rink, Roth, Schaeffer, Schaaf, Schneider, Weichel, Zacher, Zerr and Ziegler. For some of these families, they first immigrated to the United States including the Dakotas and then moved to southern Saskatchewan.
Joseph Hoffart's threshing crew in 1922: (l-r): L. Hoffart, J. Manz, K. Most, Joe Hoffart, L. Hoffart, J. Vogt, M. Hoffart, S. Hoffart, K. Konantz, Mr. Hingert, Joe Irishman and Bill Moser.
Joe Zerr's threshing gang in 1926. They just finished threshing so Mr. Zerr brought drinks out to his crew. Frank Zerr on the horse, father Joe standing with beer bottle and mother Zerr in the car.

A Sacred Heritage: Odessa & District

Book out of print and not available


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