The Sander Family History with Memories of the Village Selz and Russia

Die Geschichte der Familie Sander mit Erinnerungen an das Dorf Selz und an Ruβland

By Peter Goldade

Xlibris Corporation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008, 714 pages, softcover, English and German text.

There was that time when war was surging in Germany and Alsace.  Atrocities derived from the regional wars, restrictions on personal freedom, forced military conscription of young men, and excessive taxation.  People find it a very heavy reason to find a new home in any other land and in Peter Goldade’s The Sander Family History – With Memories of the Village Selz and Russia, it is evident that the early generation of this family was not exempted.

Focusing on the earliest known Sander families, including those who came to North America and those who remained in Russia, The Sander Family History – With Memories of the Village Selz and Russia provides the details of the family’s origin.  In his strenuous but fulfilling work, Goldade provides the reader a glimpse of its earliest generations and how they lived their lives during their time.  He tackles about the hardships endured by his ancestors, the wars that they experienced and the attacks they have encountered.  More than that, he narrates about his ancestors’ long and brutal journey.  It also shares about how they thrived in the village of Selz, what kind of life they had in Russia, and how they achieved a better living atmosphere.  It relates about endurance, hope, heroism, death, and freedom.

The Sander Family HistoryWith Memories of the Village Selz and Russia is a comprehensive database of the ancestral Sander families.  Fortunately, some members of the extended Sander family who experienced the fate of having lived under a tyrannical government were willing to share their memories with the members of the present generation.  Learn more about the Sander family history. 

About the author:

Peter Goldade, was born in North Dakota and reared on his grandfather’s homestead.  He served three years in the U.S. Army as a Staff Sergeant in Radio and Communications.  He was employed for thirty-four years by a major U.S. Aerospace firm as a Sales-Marketing Manager.  Upon his retirement, he began to devote more time to one of his hobbies – genealogy.  He quest for knowledge of his family’s lineage has spanned many years and nations.  In his search for the Family roots, his travels have taken him, on numerous occasions, to Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia.  The information obtained from this research, meeting long lost relatives and his journeys led to the creation of this book and his other books, The Golade Family History, The Jundt Family History, The Migler Family History, and Our Relatives- The Persecuted.

Discover the Sander Family’s journey into czar-controlled Russia and finally to the Plains of the United States. This book is dedicated to the Author’s Grandparents Anton and Christina (née Migler) Sander who are pictured above.


The Odessa Region
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The Sander Family History

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