St. Joseph's Colony: 1905 - 1930

Pictures and Pages on the Silver Jubilee of St. Joseph's Colony

Compiled by the Oblate Priests in the colony. Translation from German to English by Lambert and Tillie Schneider, 1930, 215 pages, 80 illustrations, 2 maps, softcover.

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The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to present this important publication, St. Joseph's Colony: 1905 - 1930. St. Joseph's Colony was very important in the settlement of the Catholic Germans from Russia south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The translators have provided an important work of great value to the missionary work and settlement on the Saskatchewan prairies. Many of the German-Russian immigrants came from the Black Sea and Volga German colonies of South Russia.

In the Translator's Preface, Lambert and Tillie Schneider state the following: The original book St. Joseph's Kolonie, 1905 - 1930, was written by Father W. Schulte, O.M.L., who refers to himself occasionally during the text as the Chronist (chronicler). In his modesty, he omitted his name on the title page. In translating the work, every effort was made to preserve the mood and essence of the German expressions. However, as in any translation, the subjective qualities are often modified and sometimes even lost."

"It is hoped that this English version of the book, which was published in 1930 in the German script, will awaken memories in many of us and provide the younger generations with a general picture of the hardships endured by the pioneer missionaries and settlers in St. Joseph's Colony in Western Canada."

Interesting sections in the book include: "Description of the Country," "Spiritual Care," and "Statistics of the Colony." The founding, growth and development of the parishes within the St. Joseph's Colony include: Broadacres, Denzil, Carmelheim, Grosswerder, Handel, Holy Rosary, Kerrobert, Leipzig, Macklin, Primate, Revenue, St. Donatus, St. Francis, St. John, St. Peter, Salvador, Scott, Tramping Lake, and Wilkie.

Here are the statistics in March, 1930, for the St. Joseph's Colony: 1,326 Catholic families of which 1,186 were German, 11 Oblate Priests, 17 parishes, 5 missions, 17 churches, 2 church basements, 2 chapels, 2,026 Catholic school children, 50 Catholic school teachers, one convent at Leipzig, one Catholic hospital at Macklin, and sisters in Leipzig, Macklin, Revenue, and Tramping Lake.

Even the advertising found at the end of the book are most interesting: The Catholic Colonization Association of Winnipeg, Manitoba; Volksvereins Deutsch Canadischer Katholisen; Catholic Immigrant Aid Society; Hamburg-Amerika Linie Schiffsfarten Hamburg nach Kanada direkt (advertising are in German and English languages).

St. Joseph's Colony: 1905-1930

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