Spanning 4 Nations:1770 to 1985

With permission from Katie Senger of Edmonton, Alberta, the granddaughter of Frank J. Senger, author of this family history, the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to reprint Spanning 4 Nations: 1770 to 1985.

Senger, Frank J. "Spanning 4 Nations:1770 to 1985." Self-published, 1985, 72 pages, softcover.

Johann Senger, the great-grandfather to Frank J. Senger, at the age of eight years old, arrived in South Russia with his father on 14 June 1808. Johann Senger (1800-1891) married Juliana Held, his first wife, and then re-married to Regina Feiger. His grandfather, Gabriel Senger  (1840-1888) was born and died in Strassburg, Kutschurgan District, South Russia. His grandmother, Katherina (Schwan) Senger (1841-1927) and her surviving nine children emigrated to the United States between 1898 to 1907. They settled near Rugby, Balta, Orrin, Harvey, Karlsruhe and Selz, in north central North Dakota. Some relatives immigrated to Canada.

Wendelin Senger, the father of Frank J. Senger, at the age of 13 arrived in North Dakota in 1898 with his widowed mother. At age 18, he married Katherina Salway on April 13, 1903. Wendelin Senger was among the first settlers who arrived from North Dakota at Mendham, Saskatchewan in 1910.

The family history provides genealogical information and photo images.

Spanning 4 Nations: 1770 to 1985

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