Historical Sketch of St. Peter's Parish and the Founding of the Colonies of Rastadt, Kathrinenthal and Speier

By Rev. Father H. Metzger in the German language on the Occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the First Settlers, 3 June 1930

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, 2004, 85 pages, softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to announce publication of Historical Sketch of St. Peter's Parish and the Founding of the Colonies of Rastadt, Kathrinenthal and Speier, located southeast of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Immigrants from the Catholic Beresan District villages of South Russia settled this area of Saskatchewan.

The publication and text was first printed in the German language, with a translation to the English language for this publication. There are many historical and current photographs, maps, and diagrams included in this publication.

The Tables of Contents includes: First Settlers; Year 1891; Year 1892; Year 1893; Founding of the Colonies; Year 1899, Settlement of the District of Speier; Pastoral Care of the New Settlement; Rev. J.J. Zerbach; Father Van de Velde; Rev Father Metzger; Construction of the Lourdes Grotto; The Educational System; Societies and Associations; In Memory of Our Ancestors; Grotto Song; Maps; Photographs from 2000-2001; Cairn Inspiration; More Photos; Addendum; and Post for Pilgrimage 2003.

The First Settlers include these family names: Ackermann, Andreas, Anton, Babel, Bast, Bengert, Benz, Dielschneider, Dietz, Dornhauser, Ebenal, Ehmann, Ell, Erbele, Fahlmann, Ferner, Frey, Fuchs, Gärtner, Geis, Giese, Gustin, Herauf, Heker, Ihly, Keller, Koch, Koffler, Kopp, Kraus, Lanz, Materi, Mayer, Obrigevitch, Ott, Reinhardt, Reinländer, Resch, Rieberger, Schmidt, Scherger, Schneider, Schropp, Selinger, Sperling, Sticka, Thaler, Thauberger, Thomas, Troppmann, Wagner, Weber and Wollbaum.

Our appreciation is extended to all those involved with this publication and especially to Christine Bast Krismer, Regina, Saskatchewan.

St. Peter's Church Rastadt
Grotto at St. Peter's, Rastadt
St. Peter's Church Cemetery, Rastadt
Paintings by Father Metzger in Church, Stations of the Cross

Historical Sketch of St. Peter's Parish

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