History of the Volga German Colonists

By Jacob E. Dietz

Pleve, I. R. and E. R. Yerina, Editors, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2005, 462 pages, hardcover, translation from Russian to English language.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this most important book first published in the Russian language, translated to the German language, and now published in the English language.

For persons who have ties to Russia through their ancestors, this book is a fascinating documentation of the history, lives, economics, and politics of their times. While Dietz based many of his observations and conclusions on established fact, he also expressed his opinions on many issues of the time. Readers will have to decide for themselves if a particular viewpoint he expressed is based on historical fact or an unsubstantiated opinion. Dietz gives the reader an insight into how the colonists lived and the many challenges they faced during their stay in Russia.

Many editorial changes had to be made to the original Russian translation in order to provide a modern day English version. In some cases, the wording could not be changed much in order to preserved the original mean expressed by the author, Jacob Dietz. The translation has been many years in the making.

Historians have long known of the existence of the manuscript of Jacob Dietz, which has been included in a series of bibliographic guides, but its location was long unknown. It was found only a few years ago in the Engels branch of the State Archives of the Saratov Oblast, Russia.

History of the Volga German Colonists

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