Neu-Glückstal in the Area of Odessa: A Typical Village of the Germans from Russia

Neu-Glückstal im Gebiet Odessa: Eine typische Siedlung der Rußlanddeutschen

By Dr. Richard H. Walth

Published by Klartext-Verlag, Essen, Germany, 2000, 396 pages, hardcover, English and German text.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to present this well-documented book for the Germans from Russia community, Neu-Glückstal in the Area of Odessa: A Typical Village of the Germans from Russia. Previous books of detailed histories written by Dr. Walth include: In Search of a Home: The Germans from Russia (1991) and Flotsam of World History: The Germans from Russia between Stalin and Hitler (1996).

In the Foreword, Professor Dr. Udo Arnold, University of Bonn, writes: "I welcome this more up-to-date and summarized edition of two books in one work. These regions and their peoples have again gained a similar function under the present political development, even though under quite different premises. Therefore, knowledge of their history is of great importance, not only for those concerned, for Germany but also for Europe and the world as a whole as our mutual efforts will still have to solve their problems."

Dr. Walth documents these subjects of colonial village in his book: history, structure of colonial village, schools and social influence, continued education and training, and religious life. In Part 4, he further documents "Neu-Glückstal and Its Inhabitants" by including map, pictures, plan of farmsteads, ancestors, list of inhabitants, and statistics.

In the Introduction, Dr. Walth shares these comments: "To begin, I want to express my pleasure that this book will again be published in the series of university books by Prof. Dr. Udo Arnold. It is also certain that this book will again be published in German, English, and Russian. Even though the book In Search of a Home has three editions, it is still in great demand especially in the Federation of Independent States. Even the second edition of Flotsam of World History is sold out. Latest findings have been added. In this context, I especially want to point out the introductory chapter 'Neu-Glückstal as Seen Today' and other additions. This book is quite sufficient as a means of general information."

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Neu-Glückstal in the Area of Odessa

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