The Czar's Germans: With Particular Reference to the Volga Germans

By Hattie Plum Williams, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1975, 236 pages, softcover.

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is pleased to provide this important book by the well known researcher and writer, Dr. Hatte Plum Williams, who was a professor at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

A recent edition of the history of the Germans from Russia (begun about seventy years ago and left incomplete at her death in 1963) by Professor Williams concentrates on the Volga Germans, giving scrupulously researched and highly detailed descriptions of conditions in Germany in the 18th century that made emigration so attractive. Also discussed are the activities of the Russian immigration agents, the teak of the immigrants to the interior of Russia, the difficult early years, eventual prosperity, and final decline following the outbreak of hostility against the colonists, their immigration to America, and the difficult pioneer years on the Central Plains. The book includes fifty-three rate photographs, two maps, and index.

The Norka Reformed Church. Norka was the largest of the 104 colonies at the time of its founding and sent more immigrants to Lincoln, Nebraska, than any of the other colonies. Photograph courtesy of Mrs. Clarence T. Olson, Denver, Colorado.
A typical village street scene in Messer on the Volga.
First church and belfry constructed in 1877 by Catholic Volga Germans in Munjor, Ellis County, Kansas. Munjor was founded in 1876. Photograph courtesy of Father Blaine Burkey, Historian of the Ellis County Historical Museum, and Lawrence We. Weigel of Hays, Kansas.
Picking potatoes, one of many forms of stoop labor performed by Germans from Russia. Photograph of the Great Western Sugar Company Library, Denver, Colorado.

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The Czar's Germans

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